Ah ... the balloon ... traditional Christmas fayre.... on another planet maybe.
Was this from before Father Christmas could afford a sleigh or what?
Given the winds at the North Pole, how the hell did he ever get anywhere? And surely there are practical considerations too ... a sleigh glides across the snow nicely for take off and landing, whereas a balloon goes up or down. What were they thinking?


Blackwood, Wales

Apparently this house was dressed by a blind man, in the dark, with sunglasses on. Who doesnt care how big his carbon footprint is.
Reports that seedy looking men in raincoats keep knocking on the door and asking to see one of the Ho's are unfounded.

Blackwood, Wales

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Have you ever seen kids running screaming from the characters at Disneyland? Its a similar problem they have here. Children have been seen this morning being dragged to school, bawling about the snowman that came for them in their sleep.
Dont close your eyes kids, thats when they get you.

Blackwood, Wales

Jeepers creepers. What the blazes is going on with this front window? Is the designer using it as CV fodder to get a job as a window dresser? They do know Mannequin wasnt real, right?

Whitton, London

Kudos for these festive people for thinking to decorate both sides of their house, being on a corner. Nil points for the radio active glowing over use of reindeer in the front garden. Our under cover operatives can be seen posing in this one. A rare occurance of the Christmas Police exposing themselves in public